Petition Against Logging on Bowen

Petition Against Logging on Bowen 2018-01-16T07:10:02+00:00

Bowen Islander Annie MacIntosh created this petition on Change.Org to rally opposition to logging on Bowen Island. It was very successful. Below are the 1820 people who have signed it up to January 15th 2018. She was kind enough to allow us to reprint the list here. We think it’s a very strong visual reminder of the support we have for Bowen Island forests from the island, Vancouver, BC and around the world. You can sign it too!

See the comments people made about logging on the petition.

Stop BC Timber Sales from Logging 28% of Bowen Island’s Forests

Annie Macintosh
Bowen Island, Canada

Bowen Island, a small community off of West Vancouver, is struggling to preserve its precious ecosystems and forests. BC Timber Sales has announced intentions to log 1441 Ha of Bowen Island’s 5260 total Ha- that’s 28% of the island. Please help save Bowen’s forests from widespread clear cutting. We need our voices to be heard!

Aaron Cawker, Bowen Island, Canada • Abbey Freedman, Nanaimo, Canada • Abbey-Jane McGrath, Bowen Island, Canada • Abby Wadsworth, Duncan, Canada • Abdul Rahimk, Surrey, Canada Abigail Fisk, Bowen island, Canada • Adam Gelle, Edmonton, Canada • Adam Grieder, Bowen Island, Canada • Adam Stepanek, Sechelt, Canada • Adam Vajda, Edmonton, Canada • Adam Woodall, West Vancouver, Canada • Adrian Bostock, Salmon Arm, Canada • Adrien L, Ottawa, Canada • Agi R., Burnaby, Canada • Aimee Isakson, Vancouver, Canada • Áine Corrigan-Frost, North Vancouver, Canada • ainsley viggers, Vancouver, Canada • AJ Garnett, New Westminster, Canada • Aja Massey Nesbitt, British Columbia, Canada • Alan Haisell, Coe Hill, Canada • Alan Whitehead, Bowen Island, Canada • Alana Stuart, Bowen island, Canada • Alastair Baird, Dundee, Scotland, UK • Alec Turner, Bowen Island, Canada • Aleece Mann, Norman, Oklahoma, US • Alejandro Wehber, Barcelona, Spain • Aleksandar Arsovski, Vancouver, Canada • Alex Anderson, Sechelt, Canada • Alex Call,Australia; Alex Elston, Bowen Island, Canada • Alex Michon, Bowen Island, Canada • Alexander Rankin, Alloa, Scotland, UK • Alexandra Carton, La Rippe, Switzerland • Alexandra Haynes, Surrey, Canada • Alexandra Stewart, Vancouver, Canada • Alexandra Waterhouse-Hayward, Lillooet, Canada • Alexandra Williams, Surrey, Canada • Alexia Jeangrand, Montreal, Canada • Alice Beaudet, New Westminster, Canada • Alice Grange, Merville, Canada • Alice Hursh, Vancouver, Canada • Alice Morris, Whangarei, New Zealand • Alicia Hoppenrath, Bowen Island BC, Canada • Alida Edwards, Bowen Island, Canada • Alison Beale, West Vancouver, Canada • Alison Greig, Bowen Island, Canada • Alison Munro, Richmond, Canada • Alison Phosy, Victoria, Canada • Alison Siegfried, Victoria, Canada • Alison Taylor, Halfmoon Bay, Canada • Allan Saugstad, Bowen Island, Canada • Allene Drake, Bowen Island, Canada • Allison Shaw, Qualicum Beach, Canada • Ally Robertson, Surrey, Canada • Almaz Nanjappa, Bowen Island, Canada • alun tye, Courtenay, Canada • Amanda Fry, North Vancouver, Canada • Amanda Quick, Taunton, England, UK • Amanda Sinclair, Vancouver, Canada • Amber Brown, Cumberland, Canada • Amber Richardson, Langley, Canada • Amelise Burr, Melbourn, England, UK • Amitav Dash, Guelph, Canada • Amrish Goyal, Surrey, Canada • Amy Carachelo, North Vancouver, Canada • Amy Mower, London, England, UK • Amy Nosek, Bowen Island, Canada • An v. Brussel, R’veer, Netherlands • Ana Silva, Toronto, Canada • Anastasia Kousakis, Los Angeles, California, US • Andorlie Raney, North Vancouver, Canada • Andre Bussanich, Bowen Island, Canada • André Duderstadt, Sievershütten, Germany • Andrea Black, Powell River, Canada • Andrea Collins, Burnaby, Canada • andrea kaufman, Bowen Island, Canada • Andrea Lee, North Vancouver, Canada • Andrea Little, Bowen Island, Canada • andrea sielias, Nanaimo, Canada • Andrea Verwey, Bowen Island, Canada • Andrew Fletcher, Coventry, England, UK • Andrew Hester, Morningside, South Africa • andrew romoki, Vancouver, Canada • Andrew Welsh, North Vancouver, Canada • Andy Benik, North Hollywood, California, US • Andy Dennis, Harrogate, England, UK • Angela Bailey, Waterlooville, England, UK • Angela Clayton, Mission BC, Canada • Angela Powell, Bowen Island, Canada • Angelyn Toth, Bowen Island, Canada • Angie Bosworth, Bowen island, Canada • Anita Bleick, New Westminster, Canada • Anita Crisinel, Vancouver, Canada • Anke Budau,Germany; ann lonergan, Bowen Island, Canada • Ann Mayo, New Westminster, Canada • Ann Ramsay, Bowen Island, B.C., Canada • Ann Seeley, Mebane, US • Ann Soderberg, Puddletown, England, UK • Ann sugden, Keighley, England, UK • ann williams, Waters Upton, England, UK • Anna Price, Quathiaski Cove, Canada • Anna Temple, Vancouver, Canada • Anna Thyer, Nelson, Canada • Annabelle Coon, Bowen Island, Canada • Anne Andrew, Vancouver, Canada • Anne Boa, Bowen Island, Canada • Anne E Illerbrun, Cawston, Canada • Anne Gale, Vancouver, Canada • Anne Marie Gagne, Bowen island, Canada • Anne Marie Plante, Pointe-Claire, Canada • Anne Murphy, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US • anne nguyen, Nanaimo, Canada • Annie Macintosh, Bowen Island, Canada • annie o’ dea, Bowen Island, Canada • Annie Rainsley-Ray, Bowen Island, Canada • Anonymous Signer, Calgary, Canada • Anthea Mallinson, North Vancouver, Canada • Anthony Turitto, Valley Center, California, US • Anton van Walraven, Bowen Island, Canada • aria willis, bowen island, Canada • Aria Willis, Bowen Island, Canada • Ariel Sharir, West Vancouver, Canada • Ashley Cogswell, Surrey, Canada • Ashley Gabinet, North Vancouver, Canada • Ashley Sugar, Vancouver, Vietnam • Ashley Watson, Vancouver, Canada • Aubin Berckel, Bowen Island, Canada • Audrey Will, Vancouver, Canada • Aunabeth Ross, Victoria, Canada • auralie westie, Langley, Canada • Ava Shaw, Surrey, Canada • AvaAnne Miller, Talrqverse city, Michigan, US • Avril Trudeau Bai, Vancouver, Canada • Aydin Rezazadeh, West Vancouver, Canada • B Zorzi, Prince George, Canada • Baiba Thomson, Bowen Island, Canada • barb archibald, Blind Bay, Canada • Barb Taylor, Comox, Canada • Barbara DeMott, Madeira Park, Canada • Barbara Ferguson, Coquitlam, Canada • Barbara Fisher, Guelph, Canada • Barbara Hardt, Calgary, Canada • Barbara Saunders, New Hamburg, Canada • Barbara Scouten, Coquitlam, Canada • Barbara Walklate, Leigh, England, UK • Barbara Wiltshire, Bowen island, Canada • Barry Minshull, Toronto, Canada • Barry PYnn, Bowen Island, Canada • Bawn Campbell, Bowen Island, Canada • beate denz, salt spring island, Canada • Becky Hinman, New York, US • Bella Braganza, Kingston, Canada • bella hauner, bowen island, Canada • Bella Perroni, Bowen Island, Canada • Ben Keen, Bowen Island, Canada • Ben Osborne, Bowen island, Canada • Ben Shapland, Victoria, Canada • Ben Tamblyn, Bowen Island, Canada • Benjamin Faber, Bowen Island, Canada • Benjamin Field, Vancouver, Canada • Benjamin Field, Vancouver, Canada • Benjamin Greenspoon, Bowen Island, Canada • benoit delbecq, Bondy, France • Bente Morris, Surrey, Canada • Bernadette Hall, Edmonton, Canada • Bernice Dawson,France; Bernice Kamano, Victoria, Canada • Beth Boxall, West Vancouver, Canada • Beth Legacy, Bowen Island, Canada • Beth McTavish, Vancouver, Canada • Bethany Dobson, Vancouver, Canada • Betsy Studholme, Princeton, New Jersey, US • Betty Morton, Bowen Island, Canada • Bev Rapley, North Vancouver, Canada • Beverly Lock, New Westminster, Canada • Beverly Saunders, Egmont, Canada • Beverly Thomson, North Vancouver, Canada • Beverly Underhill, Bowen Island, Canada • Bijal Misty, Vancouver, Canada • Bill Bowersock, Los Angeles, California, US • Bill Leithead, Bowen Island, Canada • Billi Behm, Bowen Island, Canada • Blake Duncan, Oakville, Canada • Bob Doucet, Bowen Island, Canada • Bonnie Daut, Covington, Washington, US • Bonny Schultz, Bowen Island, Canada • Boo Byrom, Vancouver, Canada • Brad Bacon, Bowen Island, Canada • Brad Berti, Bowen Island, Canada • Brad Hawthorn, Bowen Island, Canada • Brad MacDonald, Bowen Island, Canada • Brad Ward, Qualicum Beach, Canada • Bradley McTighe, Kansas City, Missouri, US • Brady Van Leenen, Vancouver, Canada • Brandie Boyce, Bowen Island, Canada • Brenda McLuhan, Bowen Island, Canada • Brenna Cook Fowler, Bowen Island, Canada • Brett Hendricks,Indonesia; Brett Little, Vancouver, Canada • Brezer Laz, Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan • Brian Elliot, Vancouver, Canada • Brian Hodgins, Bowen Island, Canada • Brian Hodgson, Toronto, Canada • brian keith, Cork, England, UK • Brian Maddison, North Vancouver, Canada • Brian Sturley, Bowen Island, Canada • Brigitte Dubois, Brussels, Belgium • Brittany Coulter, North Vancouver, Canada • Brittany Savoie, Port Moody, Canada • bruce blain, Vancouver, Canada • Bruce Chutka, Kelowna, Canada • Bruce McTaggart, Bowen island, Canada • Bryan Osborn, Sainte-Adèle, Canada • Bryant Bell, Vancouver, Canada • Bryn Elliott, Kingston, Canada • Bryony Rowe,Spain; Buff Allen, Bowen Island, Canada • Burkhard Jansen, Gambier Island, Canada • C knight, Saanichton, Canada • Caelan Thomson, Bowen Island, Canada • Calder Stewart, Vancouver, Canada • Callie brougham, bowen island, Canada • callum benson, Bowen island, Canada • Calum Cole, Bowen Island, Canada • Calvin Wharton, North Vancouver, Canada • Canaan Purcell, North Vancouver, Canada • candace hannah, Bowen Island, Canada • candice kabantsov, Bowen island, Canada • carina souare, Tumba, Sweden • Carla Klassen, Burnaby, Canada • Carly cook, Edwards, Colorado, US • Carmen Gunn, Vancouver, Canada • Carmen Reyes, Surrey, Canada • Carmen Weld, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • carol buchanan, Vancouver, Canada • Carol Burkosky, Qualicum, Canada • Carol Clayton, Takoma Park, Maryland, US • Carol Millar, Kelowna, Canada • Carol Reid, North Vancouver, Canada • Carol Shatford, Bowen Island, B.C., Canada • Carol Zupan, North Vancouver, Canada • Carole Curry, New Hampton, New Hampshire, US • Carole Nanson Nanson, Bowen Island B.C., Canada • Carolina Parker, Gibson, Canada • Caroline Slivinski, Winnipeg, Canada • Caroline Walker, Bowen island, Canada • Carolyn Creswick, Saltspring Island BC, Canada • Carolyn Edy, Vancouver, Canada • carolyn gotsalks, Belgrave, Australia • Carolyn Naylor, Vancouver, Canada • Catherine Flowitt, Whitby, Canada • Catherine Heather Graham, Gatineau, Canada • Catherine Nielsen, West Vancouver, Canada • catherine Smith, Huntington Beach, California, US • Cathie Reid, Ajax, Canada • cathy bayly, bowen island, Canada • Cathy Buchanan, BOWEN ISLAND, Canada • Cathy Fortin, Prince George, Canada • Cathy Swerdan, Langley, Canada • Cecilia Colucci, North Vancouver, Canada • Ceinwen Pope, West Vancouver, Canada • Chad Hooper, Port Moody, BC, Cape Verde • chad thomas, Spiritwood, Canada • Chandrabhal Tripathi, NewDelhi, India • Chantal Branson, West Vancouver, Canada • Chantal cassivi, Bowen Island, Canada • Chantal De Brauwere,Australia; Chantal Rondesu, Bowen Island, Canada • Chantal Stieler, Kitchener, Canada • chantal underdown, Victoria, Canada • Charles Hardy, Halfmoon Bay, Canada • Charles Heffernan, Vancouver, Canada • Charles Robichaud, Bowen Island BC, Canada • Charlotte Fesnoux, Vancouver, Canada • Chelsea Allison, Langley, Canada • Chelsea Mainwaring, Bowen Island, Canada • Chelsea Strang, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheri zeumer, Langley, Canada • cheryl ackerman, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheryl Cook, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheryl Evans, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheryl Hooge, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheryl Landry, Bowen Island, Canada • Cheryl Moore, Courtenay, Canada • Cheryl Tourand, North Vancouver, Canada • Cheryl Virtue, West Vancouver, Canada • Chet Barrett, North Vancouver, Canada • Chiara Perin, Topanga, California, US • chris allen, Prince George, Canada • chris binetti, Toronto, Canada • Chris Campbell, Victoria, Canada • Chris Coon, Bowen Island, Canada • Chris Corrigan, Bowen Island, Canada • Chris Curry, Delta, Canada • chris davis, Ladysmith, Canada • Chris Farah, Courtenay, Canada • chris kelly, Montreal, Canada • Chris kientz, Alameda, California, US • Chris Morgan, Errington, Canada • chris oben, Bowen Island, Canada • Chris Sorrentino, Bowen island, Canada • chris usami, Mississauga, Canada • Chrissi Matusevics, Sutton, England, UK • Christiaan Venter, Vancouver, Canada • Christian MacInnis, Markham, Canada • Christian Perroni, Bowen Island, Canada • Christian Ruediger, White Rock, Canada • Christiane Silva, Bowen Island, Canada • Christina O’Dell, Toronto, Canada • Christina Saunders, Bowen Island, Canada • Christine Carter, North Vancouver, Canada • Christine Fedina, Bowen Island, Canada • Christine Jackson, Airdrie, Canada • Christine Makaroff, Victoria, Canada • Christine Roocroft, Bowen Island, Canada • Christine Thörnwall, Norrköping, Sweden • christine wilson, North Vancouver, Canada • Christophe Langlois, Bowen Island, Canada • Christopher Holmes, Vancouver, Canada • Chuck Fowler, Bowen Island, Canada • Ciaran Weber, Dublin, Ireland • Claire Africa, Seattle, Washington, US • Claire Benson-Mandl, West Vancouver, Canada • Claire Jones, Wednesbury, England, UK • Clarisse Thornton, Edmonton, Canada • Claudia Schaefer, Bowen Island, Canada • Claudia Stewart, Port Moody, Canada • Clayton Hunter-James, Bowen Island, Canada • Cole Barry, New Westminster, Canada • Colin Eyssen, Bowen Island, Canada • Colin Fletcher, Penticton, Canada • Colin Ritchie, Bowen Island, Canada • Colleen McGi verin, North Vancouver, Canada • Colleen O’Neil, Bowen Island, Canada • Collin Massie, Nanaimo, Canada • Connie Shaw, Vancouver, Canada • corbie Fieldwalker, Vancouver, Canada • Coreen Mayrs, West Vancouver, Canada • corie johnson, Salt Spring Island, Canada • Corin Flood, Revelstoke, Canada • Corinne Cairns, Toronto, Canada • Cory Bishop, Edmonton, Canada • Court Brousson, West Vancouver, Canada • Courtnee Anderson, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Courtney Dick, New Westminster, Canada • Courtney Jenkins, Nanaimo, Canada • Courtney Morris, Bowen island, Canada • Courtney Wilkinson, Nanaimo, Canada • crystal khammanivong, Rochester, New York, US • Curtis Arling, Calgary, Canada • Cynthia Van Hoof Barthel, Bowen Island, Canada • cynthia wunderlich, Terrace, Canada • Cynthia Yandow, Pioneer, California, US • Cyrille Saura Zellweger, Bowen Island, Canada • D’Anne Howes, Bowen Island, Canada • daija chartrand, salmon arm, Canada • Daisy Flores, New York, New York, US • Dale Hamilton, Bowen Island, Canada • dale wilson, Ladysmith, Canada • Dan Buss, Courtenay, Canada • Dan Cowan, Bowen island bc, Canada • dan roden, Bowen Island, Canada • Dana Miller, Abbotsford, Canada • Dania Stachiw, Mission, Canada • Daniel Brix, Surrey, Canada • Daniel Cowper, Bowen Island, Canada • Daniel Leroux, Ottawa, Canada • Daniele Colajacomo, Bowen Island, Canada • Danielle Bernock, Utica, Michigan, US • Danielle Wessel, Edmonton, Canada • danilynn jourdain, Richmond, Canada • Darby Olson, Montreal, Canada • Darcy Smith, Vancouver, Canada • Darlene Petrie, Spruce Grove, Canada • Dave Bristow, Bowen Island, Canada • David Adams, Vancouver, Canada • David Alexander, North Vancouver, Canada • David Baird, Newton Stewart, Scotland, UK • David Beneteau, North Vancouver, Canada • David Chandler, Vancouver, Canada • David Collier, Kaslo, Canada • David Cyr, White Rock, Canada • david deerheart, Nelson, Canada • David Elderton, salt spring island, Canada • David Harrington, Bowen Island, Canada • David Hill, Bowen Island, Canada • David Hocking, Bowen Island, Canada • David Jordan, Vancouver, Canada • David Litzenberger, West Vancouver, Canada • David M. Smith, Bowen Island, Canada • David Manning, Christchurch, New Zealand • David Okell, Bowen Island, Canada • David Polster, Duncan, Canada • David Schwartz, Vancouver, Canada • David Tait, New Canaan, Connecticut, US • David van Berckel, Vancouver, Canada • david whitehead, North Vancouver, Canada • david wrinch, bowen is, Canada • Davin Killy, Kingston, Canada • Davina Haisell, Bowen Island, Canada • dawn smoke, Bowen Island, Canada • Dayna Purdy, Bowen Island, Canada • De Jonge Ayumi, Bowen island, Canada • Deanne Elms, St. John’s, Canada • Deb Aird, Maple Ridge, Canada • Deb Maike, Duncan, Canada • Debbie Benson, Bowen Island, Canada • Debbie Elmes, Hamilton, Canada • Deborah Bramm, Bowen Island, Canada • Deborah F-M, Vancouver, Canada • Deborah Maier, Toronto, Canada • Deborah Murphy, Hamilton, Canada • Deborah Thomson, Bowen Island, Canada • Deborah Van Dyke, Bowen Island, Canada • Debra Chandler, Toronto, Canada • Debra Nicholson, Surrey, Canada • Debra Roppolo, Toronto, Canada • Debra Stringfellow, Bowen Island, Canada • Dee Anderson, Bowen Island, Canada • Deidre Farah, Bowen Island, Canada • Deidre Tansey, Nanaimo, Canada • Deirdre MacCarthy, Bowen Island, Canada • Denise Lockett, Bowen Island, Canada • Denise Richard, Bowen Island, Canada • Denise Trethewey, Bowen Island, Canada • Dennis Dougherty, San Rafael, California, US • Dennis Vetter, Bowen Island, Canada • Dennis Wilson, Bowen Island, Canada • Derrick HIggins, Vancouver, Canada • Devin Stigsell, Duluth, Minnesota, US • Devon Walker, North Vancouver, Canada • DG Blair, Bowen Island, Canada • Di Russell, University Endowment Lands, Canada • Diana Izdebski, North Vancouver, Canada • diana joyce, Dublin, Ireland • Diana Ray, Bowen Island, Canada • Diana Romer, Bowen Island, Canada • Diana Wilson, Vancouver, Canada • diane buchanan, Bowen Island, Canada • Dianne Brubaker, North Vancouver, Canada • Dianne Radmore, Denman Island, Canada • Didi Grand, Saltspring, Isln, Canada • Don MacLean, Bowen Island, Canada • don magwood, Burns Lake, Canada • Don Ouelette, Langley, Canada • Don Serl, Vancouver, Canada • Don Shafer, Vancouver, Canada • Donald Ritchie,Australia; Donna Lawrence, West Vancouver, Canada • Donna Martin, Lake Cowichan, Canada • Donna Martin, Salt Spring Island, Canada • Donna Oleksiuk, Vancouver, Canada • Donsld Black, Oliver, Canada • Doojin Jung, San Jose, California, US • Dora Boersma, Ottawa, Canada • Dora Tetreault, Winnipeg, Canada • doreen tenerelli, Burnaby, Canada • Dorothy Geisler, Bowen Island, Canada • Dory Spencer, Masset, Canada • Doug Blain, Campbell River, Canada • Doug Bock, Bowen Island, Canada • Doug Fleetham, Bowen Island, Canada • Doug Woods, Bowen Island, Canada • Dr. Tim Boston, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • Duncan Beale, West Vancouver, Canada • duncan bray, New Westminster, Canada • Dusan Jovanovic, Toronto, Canada • E McBride, Coquitlam, Canada • Earl Jenkins, Bowen Island, Canada • Eduardo De la Vega, Surrey, Canada • Edward Chiasson, Toronto, Canada • Eileen Pedde, Vancouver, Canada • Eily Sweeney, Cochrane, Canada • Elaine Fleck, Grande Prairie, Canada • Elaine Moore, Victoria, Canada • Elaine Selhi-Hamer, North Vancouver, Canada • Elan Mastai, Vancouver, Canada • Eleanor Reardon, Vancouver, Canada • Eleanor Schofield, Princeton Jct., New Jersey, US • Eleanor Stacey, Nelson, Canada • Elena Rynkevich, Bowen Island, Canada • Elena Verlee / GTDD Online Verlee, Bowen Island, Canada • elijah bak, Vancouver, Canada • Elisabeth Dhont, Bowen Island,B.C., Canada • Elise Lowes, Surrey, Canada • elizabeth brown, Toronto, Canada • Elizabeth Burdock, Bowen Island, Canada • Elizabeth Campbell, Port Moody, Canada • Elizabeth Gilarowski, Toronto, Canada • Elizabeth Hodgins, Bowen Island, Canada • Elizabeth Murphy, Vancouver, Canada • Elizabeth Wallace, Surrey, Canada • Elizabeth Williams, Edmonton, Canada • ella klein, Bowen Island, Canada • Ella Renzoni, West Vancouver, Canada • Elle Wild, Box, England, UK • Ellen Hayakawa, Bowen Island, Canada • Ellen Macintosh, Bowen Island, Canada • Ellen Ross, Richmond, Canada • Ellen Thorpe, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Ellen White, Bowen Island, Canada • Elliot Funt, West Vancouver, Canada • Elliot Rushton, Vancouver, Canada • elmer alandy, burnaby, Canada • Elspeth Henders, Nanaimo, Canada • Emil Tubinshlak, West Vancouver, Canada • Emilaea Woodwolf, Saltspring Island, Canada • Emilia Jacklin, West Vancouver, Canada • Emily Allan, Bowen Island, Canada • Emily Carlington, Bowen Island, Canada • Emily Clare, Bowmanville, Canada • Emily Hauner, Bowen Island, Canada • Emily Meade, North Vancouver, Canada • Emily Paskaruk, Prince Albert, Canada • Emily van Lidth de Jeude, Bowen Island, Canada • Emma Courtney, Coquitlam, Canada • Emma Jarvie,Australia; Emma Steer, Laguna Niguel, California, US • Emryss Roherynath, Olympia, Washington, US • Ender Tanrikut, Vancouver, Canada • Eric Andrew, Bowen Island, Canada • Eric Burdon, New Maryland, Canada • Eric Le Masson, Le Palais, France • Eric Stuart, Bowen island, Canada • Eric Thompson, West Vancouver, Canada • Eric Waschke, Bowen Island, Canada • Erik Hauner, Bowen Island, Canada • Erika Fitzpatrick, Bowen Island, Canada • Erika Mitchell, Bowen Island, Canada • Erin Pearman, North Vancouver, Canada • erin perry, Langley, Canada • Erin Taylor, Bowen Island, Canada • Ernest poulin, bowen island, Canada • esther devenyi, Bowen Island, Canada • ethan laniado, West Vancouver, Canada • eunice neves, Caparica, Portugal • Eva Tong, Richmond, Canada • Evelyn Taylor, Vancouver, Canada • Ewa Gersin, Vancouver, Canada • Feeroz A, Surrey, Canada • Felicity Buskard, Bowen island, Canada • fiona McTaggart, Whitehorse, Canada • Fiona Winning, Surrey, Canada • fran light,Spain; frances gilbey, Ley Hill, England, UK • Francesca Carton, West Vancouver, Canada • Francis Clarke, Salmon Arm, Canada • Francois Giguere, Verdun, Canada • Francoise Raunet, Vancouver, Canada • Frank and Kathy Scott, Guelph, Canada • Frank Scott, Fergus, Canada • Franziska Kessener,Germany; Frazer Elliott, Bowen Island, Canada • Furio Sorrentino, Bowen Island, Canada • Gabbi Evans, Bowen island, Canada • Gabriel Kennedy-Gibbens, Spokane, Washington, US • Gabriela Nehmert, Longueuil, Canada • Gail Pickard, North Vancouver, Canada • Gale Lyttle, Bowen Island, Canada • Galit Mastai, Bowen Island, Canada • Gary A. Paike, West Vancouver, Canada • Gary Coutts, Bowen Island, Canada • Gary Kry, North Vancouver, Canada • Gary Mangel, Bowen Island, Canada • Gavin Winter, Toronto, Canada • Gayle Eddie, North Vancouver, Canada • Gayle Hunter, Kamloops, Canada • Gaylene Rehwald, Courtenay, Canada • Gemma Mac, West Vancouver, Canada • Geoff Soloway, Bowen Island, Canada • George Chapman,Australia; Georgia Nicols, Bowen Island, Canada • Georgia smith, Surrey, Canada • Georgie Donais, Thornbury, Canada • Gerald Clow, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • Gerald Postma,Netherlands; Geri Szczesiak, Richmond, Canada • Geri Tramutola, Vancouver, Canada • Gerrita Mostert, West Vancouver, Canada • Gertrude Albright-Sweeny, Whaletown, Canada • Gila Nehemia, Princeton, New Jersey, US • Gillian Darling Kovanic, Bowen Island, Canada • Gillian Drader, Abbotsford, Canada • Gillian Drake, Bowen Island, Canada • Gillian kish, Victoria, Canada • Gillian McTavish, Chilliwack, Canada • Gini Grey, Bowen Island, Canada • Giselle Ruemke, Victoria, Canada • Gladys Behnsen, Regina, Canada • Glen Andersen, Delta, Canada • Glen Goodale, Montreal, Canada • Glenn Buckholtz, Kingston, Canada • Glenn Hodgins, Hemmingford, Canada • Gloria Lachance, Victoria, Canada • Gloria Rolfsen, Heriot Bay, Canada • Gloria Wilkins, Valley Springs, California, US • Grace Gilroy, Vancouver, Canada • Grace Mavko, West Vancouver, Canada • Grace Passmore, Delta, Canada • Graham Barber, Vancouver, Canada • Graham Harrop, Lyneham, England, UK • Grant Mckinnon, Vancouver, Canada • Grant Waldman, Vernon, Canada • Grayson Johnson, Lexington, Kentucky, US • Graz Wilk, Southampton, England, UK • greenlaw greenlaw, Gibsons, Canada • Greg Elliott, Vancouver, Canada • Greg Larson, North Vancouver B.C., Canada • gregg henderson, West Vancouver, Canada • Gregory Neilson, Bowen Island, Canada • Gregory Oldham, Delta, Canada • Gregory Ronczewski, Vancouver, Canada • Gusta Volkers, Maastricht, Netherlands • Haiden MacDonald, West Vancouver, Canada • Hailey Moran, White Rock, Canada • Hamish Bryan, Bowen Island, Canada • Hanna Beamer, Bowen island, Canada • Harmony Shire, Vancouver, Canada • Harold Tichenor, Bowen Island, Canada • Harpreet Singh, Vancouver, Canada • Hart Snider, Vancouver, Canada • Harumi Sawada-Tse, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Hayashi Chisa,Japan; Hayley Watson, Medicine Hat, Canada • Heather Allan, Victoria, Canada • Heather Coulthart, Bowen Island, Canada • Heather Doherty, Bowen Island, Canada • Heather Duffy, Vancouver, Canada • Heather Huntingford, Bowen Island, Canada • Heather Johnston, Vancouver, Canada • Heather Loa, Langley Township, Canada • heather mckenzie, haliburton, Canada • Heather Moreau, Calgary, Canada • Heather Renney, Vancouver, Canada • heather woodall, Bowen Island, Canada • Heidi Poorman, Revelstoke, Canada • Heidi Taylor, Vancouver, Canada • Heike Brandstatter, Bowen Island, Canada • Helayna Huxford, San Diego, California, US • Heleen Sandvik, Vancouver, Canada • Helen Carter, Victoria, Canada • Helen Smith, Port McNeill, Canada • Helen Soroczan, Ottawa, Canada • Helen Wright, North Vancouver, Canada • Henry Isaac, Boissevain, Canada • Henry Trembath, West Vancouver, Canada • Herman Sangha, Surrey, Canada • hilary aulando, Coquitlam, Canada • Hilary Butler, Bowen Island, Canada • Hilary Keenan-Smith, Gauteng, South Africa • Hildegard Westerkamp, Vancouver, Canada • Holly Graff, Bowen Island, Canada • Hudson Stiver, Bowen Island, Canada • Huggon Carla, Delta, Canada • Hui Sim, Burnaby, Canada • Hunter Reilly, Vancouver, Canada • Ian Howard, Jasper, Canada • Ian Kalina, Errington, Canada • ian mctavish, Salmon Arm, Canada • Ian Murray, Toronto, Canada • Ian Thomson, Bowen Island, Canada • Iishan Cruz, Bowen island, Canada • Ileah Mattice, Masset, Canada • Ilona Plihal, Bowen island, Canada • Ina Reilly, San Rafael, California, US • Ingrid Fitzpatrick, Vancouver, Canada • Irene Nelson, North Vancouver, Canada • Irene Styles, Peterlee, England, UK • Iris Carr, Bowen Island, Canada • Irwin Rapoport, Montréal, Canada • Isabel Dawe, 1601 eagle cliff rd, Canada • Isabel Otter, Bowen Island, Canada • Isabella Kolcze, Toronto, Canada • J.e. Brok, Vancouver, Canada • Jacinda Richman, Sinzheim, Germany • Jack Bakker,Netherlands; Jack DeSante, Bowen Island, Canada • Jack Resels, Bowen Island, Canada • Jack Silberman, Bowen Island, Canada • Jack Turner, Bowen island, Canada • Jack Wass, Vancouver, Canada • jackie Bradley, Bowen Island, Canada • Jacob Ball, North Vancouver, Canada • Jacob Klassen, Parksville, Canada • Jacqueline Belanger, Richmond, Canada • Jacqueline Cohn, Conway, South Carolina, US • Jacqueline Lehto, Vancouver, Canada • Jacqueline Steffen, Coquitlam, Canada • Jacqueline Verkley, Bowen Island, Canada • Jacqueline Young, Port Coquitlam, Canada • jacques raybaut, Luxembourg, Luxembourg • Jacqui Parker-Snedker, Gabriola, Canada • Jacqui Russell, Uphall Station, Scotland, UK • Jacquie Mani, Bowen Island, Canada • jade anthony, Bowen Island, Canada • Jade Haxton, Wolfville, Canada • Jaden Cook Fowler, Bowen Island, Canada • Jae Mather, Bowen Island, Canada • Jake Brownlie, West Vancouver, Canada • James Beach, Bowen Island, Canada • James C. Miles, Toronto, Canada • James Irwin, Montreal, Canada • James Keyton, West Vancouver, Canada • James Sandham, Toronto, Canada • James Topham, Vancouver, Canada • James Tyrrell, Lance Aux Epines, Grenada • James Winckler, Bowen Island, Canada • Jameson Langlois, Burnaby, Canada • Jamie Levett, North Vancouver, Canada • Jamie Thompson, Toronto, Canada • Jamie Woodall, Bowen Island, Canada • jan christie, Courtenay, Canada • Jan Cronin,Australia; jan ellison, Langley, Canada • jan kuyper, Gibsons, Canada • Jan Whitehead, Duncan, Canada • Jane Higgs, Bowen Island, Canada • Jane mckay, Bowen island, Canada • Jane Osborne, Bowen Island, Canada • Jane Westerholm, Coquitlam, Canada • Jane Wood, North Vancouver, Canada • Janet Esseiva, Bowen Island, Canada • Janet Gilleshammer, Bowen island, Canada • Janet Hamblin, Bedford, England, UK • Janet Hausdorf, West Vancouver, Canada • Janet Holburn, West Vancouver, Canada • Janet Mower, Witham, England, UK • Janet Ritchie, Parksville, Canada • Janet Strong, Bellevue, Washington, US • Janette Purdy, London, UK • Janey Cruise, Vancouver, Canada • Jani Carroll, Bowen Island, Canada • Janice Martin, Bowen Island, Canada • janine bjornson, Sebastopol, California, US • Janis Johnson, Prince George, Canada • janis millu, Reno, Pennsylvania, US • Jared Thoburn, Bowen Island, Canada • jasmine Brenner, Bowen Island, Canada • Jasmine Gish, Bowen Island, Canada • Jason Vergnano, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Canada • Jason Wilde, White Rock, Canada • Jason Zahara, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • Jasper Wright, Vancouver, Canada • Jay Greschner, Medicine Hat, Canada • Jayne Looper, Bethalto, Illinois, US • Jazzmin Nagy, North Vancouver, Canada • Jean Ellsworth, North Vancouver, Canada • Jean Gordon, Vancouver, Canada • Jean McCorquodale, North Vancouver, Canada • jean robertson, Salmon Arm, Canada • jean santo, Mont-Laurier, Canada • Jean Stewart, Calgary, Canada • Jeanne Taylor, Bowen Island, Canada • Jeff Morales, Laval, Canada • Jeffrey Gandell, Montreal, Canada • Jeffrey Simons, Bowen Island, Canada • Jen Lundgren, Surrey, Canada • Jen Lundin Ritchie, Vancouver, Canada • Jen Rich, Bowen Island, Canada • Jen Rosling, Bowen Island, Canada • Jenna Miles, Dartmouth, Canada • Jenna Robinson, Squamish, Canada • Jennifer Bell, North Vancouver, Canada • Jennifer Davidson, Bowen Island, Canada • Jennifer Graves, Vancouver, Canada • Jennifer Hall, Bowen Island, Canada • Jennifer Howard, Burnaby, Canada • Jennifer Lang, Bowen Island, Canada • Jennifer Morabito, North Vancouver, Canada • Jennifer Moss, Vancouver, Canada • Jennifer Ragan, Lethbridge, Canada • Jenny Freeman, Bowen Island, Canada • Jenny Mcdonell, Vancouver, Canada • Jenny Yamagata, Burnaby, Canada • Jeremy Howe, Bowen Island, Canada • Jeremy Sturgess, Calgary, Canada • jesse mcmaster, Duncan, Canada • Jessica Enright, West Vancouver, Canada • Jessica Reid, Squamish, Canada • Jessica Wever, Toronto, Canada • Jessie Bartch, Bowen island, Canada • jewal maxwell, Bowen Island, Canada • Jill B, Duncan, Canada • Jill Taylor, West Vancouver, Canada • Jim Frageman, stanton, California, US • Jim Honeywell, Vancouver, Canada • jim houston, North Vancouver, Canada • Jim Jardine, Vancouver, Canada • Jim Vickers, Erickson, Canada • Jlonka Bally-Brown, Bowen Island, Canada • Jo Ann Murphy, Penticton, Canada • Jo Ann Youngson, Bowen Island, Canada • jo dolan, Hove, England, UK • Joachim Zoepf,Germany; Joan Chadwick, Salmon Arm, Canada • Joan Janzen, Vancouver, Canada • joan lemmers, lions bay B C, Canada • joann Mcmorine, Canmore, Canada • JoAnn Paris, Saint-Lazare, Canada • Joanna Journet, Bowen Island, Canada • Joanna Wing, Richmond, Canada • Joanne Eriksson, Campbell River, Canada • Joanne Gassman, Kelowna, Canada • Joanne Lindup, Mississauga, Canada • Joanne Raymont, Bowen island, Canada • Joanne Spoors, Stockton-on-Tees, England, UK • Jodi Kazenel, Montreal, Canada • joe brook, Guelph, Canada • Johanna Ryffel, Sutton, Canada • john arnold, Quathiaski Cove, Canada • John Bain, West Vancouver, Canada • John Davidson, Ottawa, Canada • john dowler, Bowen Island, Canada • John Fry, Bowen Island, Washington, US • John Givins, Vancouver, Canada • john iezzi, Brantford, Canada • John Kavanagh, Toronto, Canada • John Layman, Whitehorse, Canada • John Mckenzie, Lions Bay, Canada • John Richard, Val-David, Canada • John Stiver, Bowen Island, Canada • John Stockton, Surrey, Canada • John Stuart Miller, Vancouver, Canada • John Vissers, Abbotsford, Canada • john wittmayer, Winlaw, Canada • John Young, Falkland, Canada • Jola Drozdzenska, Port Moody, Canada • Jon Muir, Fernie, Canada • Jon Waters, Victoria, Canada • Jonah Leibtag, Hamilton, Canada • Jonathan Kavanagh, Vancouver, Canada • Jonathan Milstein, North vancouver, Canada • Jonathan Weir, Vancouver, Canada • Jonni Johnson, Bowen Island, Canada • Jordan Goodbrand, Bowen Island, Canada • Josefina Boston, London, England, UK • Josephine Anderson, Vancouver, Canada • Josephine Lawless, Vancouver, Canada • Josh Andler, Vancouver, Canada • Josh Ellwood, Vancouver, Canada • Josh Mepham, Vancouver, Canada • Joshua Thiessen,Canada; Joshua Van Dyke, Vancouver, Canada • Josie Huskisson, Bowen island, Canada • josline gallagher, malta, Malta • Joy Chandna-Pandher,Canada; Joy Painter, Sierra Madre, California, US • Joyce Matthews, Bowen Island, Canada • jude neale, Bowen Island, Canada • Judi Eden, Bowen Island, Canada • Judy Davies, Coxheath, England, UK • Judy G, Bowen Island, Canada • Judy Millar, Calgary, Canada • Judy Moore, Surrey, Canada • Judy Taylor, Bowen Island, Canada • Judy Weiser, Gambier Island, BC, Canada • Jujhar Singh, Vancouver, Canada • jules houghton, Stockport, England, UK • Julia Ma, West Vancouver, Canada • Julia Pinnock, West Vancouver, Canada • julia venton, High River, Canada • Julia Williams, Bowen Island, Canada • Julian Barabas, Victoria, Canada • Julian Kerr, High River, Canada • julie brown, Brancepeth, England, UK • Julie Cree, Bowen Island, Canada • Julie Saxton, Bowen Island, Canada • Julie Vik, Bowen Island, Canada • Julie-Anne Kettle, Johannesburg, South Africa • Justin Elton, Vancouver, Canada • K H, Bowen Island, Canada • Kaare Jay Anderson, Vancouver, Canada • Kaayla Ryane, Vancouver, Canada • Kade Muffett,US; Kaedyn Wessel, Red Deer, Canada • Kailey Spear, Bowen Island, Canada • Kailyn Arthur, Surrey, Canada • Kaisa Lumley, Comox, Canada • Kaitlyn Hunter, North Vancouver, Canada • Kaiya Massey-Nesbitt, North Vancouver, Canada • KAjal Singla, Surrey, Canada • Kalevi Voss, West Vancouver, Canada • Kali Acheson, Delta, Canada • Kali Samagalski, Winnipeg, Canada • Kami Kanetsuka, Bowen Island, Canada • Kao True Lee, Kitchener, Canada • karen Cooper, Shardlow, England, UK • Karen Cowper, Bowen Island, Canada • Karen DeBraal, Springfield, Oregon, US • Karen Funt, West Vancouver, Canada • karen heaps, Vancouver, Canada • Karen Hughes, Bowen Island, Canada • karen maurage, Vancouver, Canada • Karen McKean, Fort Saint John, Canada • Karen Moles, Bowen Island, Canada • Karen Munro, Bowen Island, Canada • Karen Shea, Bowen Island, Canada • Karen Wallace, Bowen Island,BC, Canada • karen0 taber, Victoria, Canada • Kari Dignum, West Vancouver, Canada • Karin Taylor, Vancouver, Canada • Karine Sault, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Karmyn Urrea, Bowen island bc, Canada • Karol Henckel, Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan, US • Karyn Brun, North Vancouver, Canada • Kat Anatolia, Vancouver, Canada • Kat O, Spruce Grove, Canada •

• Katalina Bernards, Bowen Island, Canada • Katarina Tichopad, Bowen Island, Canada • Katarina Tyrrell, Brampton, Canada • Kate Coffey, Bowen Island, Canada • Kate Fitzsimmons, North Vancouver, Canada • Kate MacKay, New Jersey, Canada • Kate MacKenzie, Everson, Washington, US • Kate Markham-Zantvoort, Victoria, Canada • Kate Thomson, Bowen Island, Canada • katelyn m, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Katherine Charette, Winnipeg, Canada • Katherine Kearney, North Vancouver, Canada • Katherine McPhee, Vancouver, Canada • Katherine Moriarty, Vancouver, Canada • Katherine Scott, Sechelt, Canada • Kathleen Buote, Surrey, Canada • Kathleen Jayme, Vancouver, Canada • Kathleen Pickard, Victoria, Canada • Kathryn Wasylik, Vancouver, Canada • Kathy Clarke, Bowen Island, Canada • Kathy Hudson, Richmond, Canada • Kathy Waterman, West Vancouver, Canada •Kati East, North Vancouver, Canada • Katie Cooke, Bowen Island, Canada • Katie Tissington-Turner, Vancouver, Canada • Katja Baumann,Germany; Katrin Gracie, Ottawa, Canada • kaya ziraldo, salt spring island, Canada • Kayla Browne, Calgary, Canada • kayla dakis, Vancouver, Canada • Kayla Stanners, Surrey, Canada • Kayleigh Clark, North Vancouver, Canada • keegan k, Calgary, Canada • Keenan Longair, Duncan, B.C., Canada • Keith MacKechnie, North Vancouver, Canada • Kel Reilly, Comox, Canada • Kelley Thompson, Yellowknife, Canada • Kelley Voyer, Bowen Isalnd, Canada • Kellie Fowler, Seattle, Washington, US • Kelly Konno, Bowen Island, Canada • kelsey harder, Kingston, Canada • Kelsey Lomness, Salmon Arm, Canada • Kelsey Watson, Bowen Island, Canada • Ken Beatty, Bowen Island, Canada • ken lang, Toronto, Canada • Ken Pickering, Bowen Island, Canada • Ken Simpson, Bowen Island, Canada • Ken Thompson, Urbandale, Iowa, US • Kendall Broady, Maple Ridge, Canada • Kenneth Gillespie, Bowen Island, Canada • Kenny Mackie, Port Alberni, Canada • Keona Hammond, Bowen Island, Canada • Kerry Goodwin, Bowen island, Canada • Kevin Howland, Bowen island, Canada • Khrysty Urban, Courtenay, Canada • Kicki Djärv, Umeå, Sweden • Kim Brand, Vancouver, Canada • Kim Christie, SSI, Canada • Kim Eifler Blomberg, Bowen Island, Canada • Kim Hunter, Vancouver, Canada • Kim Juneja, Bowen Island, Canada • Kim Kenner, Vancouver, Canada • Kim Molinski, Bowen Island, Canada • Kim Whittall, West Vancouver, Canada • Kira Martin, Nanaimo, Canada • Kirstie Rapley, North Vancouver, Canada • Kirsty Pappas, West Vancouver, Canada • Kitty Fung, Toronto, Canada • klaus seitschek, Montréal, Canada • Kori Miyanishi, Bowen Island, Canada • kris abney, salt spring island, Canada • Krista Braathen, North Vancouver, Canada • Krista Podmenik, Amherstburg, Canada • Kristen Johnson, North Vancouver, Canada • Kristen Martin, Bowen Island, Canada • Kristina Wieshofer, Burnaby, Canada • Kristopher Urquhart, Poway, California, US • Kristyn Christiansen, Vancouver, Canada • Kurt Stuart, Bowen Island, Canada • Ky Hasledine, Bowen island, Canada • Kyla Schwartz, Vancouver, Canada • Kyle Hawke, Vancouver, Canada • Kyle Shuttlesworth, Gresham, Oregon, US • L S, Ruislip, UK • L. Chung, Vancouver, Canada • Laëtitia Rodriguez, Liège, Belgium • Laila Arshid, Surrey, Canada • Lana Lonergan, North Vancouver, Canada • Laura Cushnie, Fredericton, Canada • Laura Elderton, North Vancouver, Canada • Laura May, Hornby Island, Canada • Laura Ruloff, Bowen Island, Canada • Laura Ruloff, Bowen Island, Canada • Laura Wright, Bowen Island, Canada • Laurel Bailey, Bowen Island, Canada • Laurel Brant, Burnaby, Canada • Laurel Holm, Fanny Bay, Canada • Laurel stone, Vancouver, Canada • Lauren Purdy, Victoria, Canada • Laurianne Auffrey, Vancouver, Canada • Laurin Mair, Bowen Island, Canada • Lawra Robertson, Vancouver, Canada • Leah C, Bowen Island, Canada • Leah Darling, Bowen Island, Canada • Leah Huddleston, Austin, Texas, US • Leah Pearce, North Vancouver, Canada • Leah Serna, Bowen Island, Canada • Leah Walker, Bowen Island, Canada • Leanna Sturley, Vancouver, Canada • leigh gillam, Bowen Island, Canada • Leigh Mary, Bowen Island, Canada • Leila Mensouri, Bowen Island, Canada • Lenic Rodriguez, Lions Bay, Canada • Lenny Gagnon, Bowen Island, Canada • Leo Chan, Bowen Island, Canada • Leo Pedersen, Vancouver, Canada • Leonard Gilday, Bowen Island, Canada • Leonard Long, Surrey, Canada • Leoney Mitchell, Miami, Florida, US • Leonie de Young, Toronto, Canada • Lesley Beale, Calgary, Canada • lesley hartwell, North Vancouver, Canada • Lesley MacIntosh, Ottawa, Canada • Leslie Anglin, West Vancouver, Canada • Leslie Evander R. Lacuesta, Aguilar, Philippines • Leslie Farac, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Leslie Pomeroy, Maple Ridge, Canada • Leslie Vanlessen, Lanaken, Belgium • Lester Tibbo, Nanaimo, Canada • Lewis Silberbauer, Cape Town, South Africa • Liam Munro, Vancouver, Canada • libby dominczyk, Lebanon, New Jersey, US • Libor Schánilec, Prague, Czech Republic • Lichen Tilley, West Vancouver, Canada • Lidia Patriasz, Bowen Island, Canada • Ligia-Adriana GIANELLA, New York, New York, US • Lilli Clark, Vancouver, Canada • Lillian Thomas, Winnipeg, Canada • Lily Whitehead-Delong, Calgary, Canada • Linda Graydon, Whitehorse, Canada • Linda Hurlburt, Bowen Island, Canada • Linda Morken, Sooke, Canada • Linda Nygaard, Courtenay, Canada • Linda Pinch, Bowen Island, Canada • Linda Prowse, Gabriola, Canada • Linda Shockley, Irving, Texas, US • Linda Shore, Bowen Island, Canada • Linda Vickaryous, Delta, Canada • Lindsay Graham, Vancouver, Canada • Lindsay Lee, Bowen Island, Canada • Lindsay Underdown, Bowen island, Canada • Lisa Anderson, Vancouver, Canada • Lisa Avery, Bowen Island, Canada • Lisa Beck, Bowen Island, Canada • Lisa Bhattacharya, Bowen Island, Canada • Lisa Byrom, Surrey, Canada • Lisa Coulthard, Richmond, Canada • Lisa Davicioni, Pardes Hana, Canada • Lisa Di Fonzo, Vancouver, Canada • Lisa Heel, North Vancouver, Canada • Lisa Hetman, Bowen Island, Canada • Lisa Howland, Bowen island, Canada • Lisa Kjernisted, Sidney, Canada • Lisa Lang, Paia, Hawaii, US • Lisa Michelle, Vancouver, Canada • Lisa Moffat, Langley, Canada • lisa shatzky, Bowen Island, Canada • Lisa Smith, Langley, Canada • Lisa Webster, Maple Ridge, Canada • lisa wild, North Vancouver, Canada • Lissy Allan, Bowen Island, Canada • Liz Jimmie, Chilliwack, Canada • Liz Watson, Bowen Island, Canada • Lizbeth Grant, Delta, Canada • Llyn Conder, Victoria, Canada • Lochlan Wansbrough, West Vancouver, Canada • Lois Turner, Cobble Hill, Canada • Loretta obrien, Vancouver, Canada • Lori Goldman, Vancouver, Canada • lori macindoe, Coquitlam, Canada • Lori Williams, West Vancouver, Canada • Lorien Quattrocchi, Vancouver, Canada • Lorinda Strang, West Vancouver, Canada • Lorraine Anger, Abbotsford, Canada • Lorraine Ashdown, Bowen Island, Canada • Lorraine McGregor, Bowen Island, Canada • Lorraine Wells, Toronto, Canada • Lothar Schiese, Prince Rupert, Canada • Lotus Johnson, Victoria, Canada • Louanne Mountain, Burlington, Canada • Louisa Bosworth, Bowen Island, Canada • Louise Allison, North Vancouver, Canada • Louise Brunet, Vancouver, Canada • Louise Claasen, Calgary, Canada • Louise escallier, Bowen Island, Canada • Louise Leslie, Delta, Canada • Luan Jardine, West Vancouver, Canada • Luanna Harper, Orillia, California, US • Luc de Gruchy, Coquitlam, Canada • Luca Moneghini,Italy; Luca Zuliani, Vaughan, Canada • Lucy Goodbrand, Bowen Island, Canada • Lucy Howe, Windsor, Canada • Lucy Keyton, Vernon, Canada • lucy turner, West Vancouver, Canada • Luke Walsh, Victoria, Canada • Lyn Creelman, Mocksville, North Carolina, US • Lyn Pruneau, Johannesburg, South Africa • Lyn van Lidth de Jeude, Bowen Island, Canada • Lynda Sutherland, Nanaimo, Canada • Lynn Anderson, Veneta, Oregon, US • Lynn Askey, Invermere, Canada • Lynn Hancock, Virginia beach, Virginia, US • Lynn Phipps, Austin, Texas, US • Lynn Seanson, North vancouver, Canada • Lynn Slater, Denman Island, Canada • M Dutemps, Victoria, Canada • Mac Moss, Gander, Canada • Madeleine Holland, North Vancouver, Canada • Madeleine Richards, Victoria, Canada • Madeline Jones, Bowen Island, Canada • Maeve Mulcahy, Cork, Ireland • Magda Figueredo, North Vancouver, Canada • Maggi Davis, Abbotsford, Canada • Mahara Allbrett, `Vancouver, California, US • Maia Blomberg, Maple Ridge, Canada • Mait Davis, Bowen Island, Canada • Malcolm Hoskin, Bowen Island, Canada • malene hansen, Vancouver, Canada • Manuel Palacios, Squamish, Canada • Manuel Palacios,Mexico; Marc Baur, Vancouver, Canada • marc gawthrop, Bowen Island, Canada • Marcia Doherty, Windsor, Canada • Marcus Freeman, Bowen Island, Canada • Margaret Howarth, Bowen island, Canada • Margaret Hyslop, Kamloops, Canada • Margaret Swain, Bowen Island, Canada • Margaret Zimmerman, Courtenay, Canada • margee doscher, titusville, New Jersey, US • Margie Scherk, Vancouver, Canada • Margot Byrom, Vancouver, Canada • Margriet Coolsma, Surrey, BC, Canada • Maria Ianc, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain • MARIA L., Schneeberg, Germany • Maria Nunes, Lisboa, Portugal • Mariah Fleetham, Toronto, Canada • Marian Bantjes, Bowen Island, Canada • Marian Mills, Dorking, UK • Marianne Kaplan, Vancouver, Canada • Marianne pearson, West Vancouver, Canada • Marianne Van lidth de jeude,Netherlands; Marie Claire Seebohm, Bowen Island, Canada • Marie Houghton, Winfield B C, Canada • Marie Martinez, Bowen Island, Canada • MARIFER MADARIAGA, Mexico City, Mexico • Marilyn Belec Bittman, Toronto, Canada • Marilyn Hayward, Bowen Island, Canada • Marilyn Hogan, Vancouver, Canada • Marilyn Machum, Comox, Canada • Marilyn McPhee, Quathiaski Cove, Canada • Marilyn Parker, Stony Plain, Canada • Marina Bottenberg,Germany; marina garner, Vancouver, Canada • Marina Robinson, Bowen Island, Canada • Mario Prim Silva,Germany; Marion Flanagan, Port Moody, Canada • Marion Gonneville, Vancouver, Canada • Marion Williams, Porthmadog, Wales; Cymru, UK • Marites Reimann, Oslo, Norway • Marjolijn Naafs-van Dijk,Netherlands; Mark Battersby, Vancouver, Canada • Mark Benson, Pender Island, Canada • Mark Busse, Vancouver, Canada • Mark Coulter, Saltspring Island BC, Canada • Mark Edmonds, Bowen Island, B.C., Canada • Mark Ellis, London, England, UK • Mark James, Bowen Island, Canada • Mark Mees, Vancouver, Canada • Markus Behm, Bowen Island, Canada • Marla Brillinger, Bowen Island, Canada • Marlene Jastrzebski, Kamloops, Canada • Marlies Zimmer, Calgary, Canada • Marlon Strang, North Vancouver, Canada • Marlow Purves, Great Cornard, England, UK • Marq Smith, Surrey, Canada • Martha Snodgrass, Bowen Island, Canada • Marti Sevier, North Vancouver, Canada • Martin Clarke, Bowen Island, Canada • Martin Howie, Maple Ridge, Canada • Martin Krummen, Bern, Switzerland • Martin Levenson, Bowen Island, Canada • Martin Morris, Exeter, England, UK • Martin Sahami, North Vancouver, Canada • Mary Bentley, Madeira Park, Canada • Mary Brache-Holdsworth, West Vancouver, Canada • Mary Cue, Kelowna, Canada • Mary Davis, Port Dover, Canada • Mary Graziano, Hamilton, Canada • Mary Kastle, Bowen Island, Canada • Mary Letson, Bowen Island, Canada • Mary Montgomery, Gordon, Texas, US • Mary Power, Whistler, Canada • Mason Carr, Fredericton, Canada • Matt Anderson, Lower Sackville, Canada • Matt Blackwood, Mission, Canada • Matt Ritchie, Port Moody, Canada • Matthew Anderson, Vancouver, Canada • Matthew Bosmans, San Antonio, Texas, US • Matthew Landon, Ottawa, Canada • Matthew Mitchell, Vancouver, Canada • matthew sherriff, Calgary, Canada • matthew smith, bowen island, BC, Canada • Mattie Bosch, Sebastopol, California, US • Maureen Anthony, Australia; Maureen Lennon, Toronto, Canada • Mauro Casalese, Vancouver, Canada • Maximilien Sturley, Bowen Island, Canada • May Cook, Surrey, Canada • Maya Mcmartin, North Vancouver, Canada • Meagan Miller, Vancouver, Canada • Meaghen Longmore, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Meg Konovska, Croydon, UK • Megan Ellis, Vancouver, Canada • Megan Hanna, Langley, Canada • Megan Johnston, Brandon, Canada • mel Barker, Vancouver, Canada • Melanda Schmid, Vancouver, Canada • Melanee Henderson, Vancouver, Canada • Melanie Macdonald, Foley, Alabama, US • Melanie Mason, Bowen Island, Canada • melanie tomsett, Melbourn, England, UK • Melissa Bollschweiler, Las Cruces, New Mexico, US • Melissa Kempfle, Lillooet, Canada • Melissa Roocroft, Bowen Island, Canada • Melvin Staaf, Victoria, Canada • Meredith Cormier, Bowen Island, Canada • Merina U, West Vancouver, Canada • Michael Boston, Stockholm, Sweden • Michael Cawker, Oshawa, Canada • Michael Collins, Victoria, Canada • Michael Cooke, Salt Spring Island, Canada • Michael Dawson, Vancouver, Canada • Michael Downs, Rockford, Illinois, US • Michael Eckford, Victoria, Canada • Michael Eddy, Cary, North Carolina, US • Michael Elias, Vancouver, Canada • Michael Ewert, Bowen Island, Canada • Michael Frost, Edmonton, Canada • Michael Marcoux, Vancouver, Canada • Michael Nankin, Los Angeles, California, US • Michelle Carchrae, Bowen Island, Canada • Michelle de Cordova, Bowen Island, Canada • michelle harrison, Victoria, Canada • Michelle Mountain, Bowen island, bc, Canada • Michelle Sparg,Australia; Michelle Vizena, Surrey, Canada • Miguel K, Bowen island, Canada • Mike Casey, Ottawa, Canada • Mike Garwood, Sointula, Canada • Mike Hauner, West Vancouver, Canada • Mike Hulme, Surrey, Canada • Mike Klemarewski, North Vancouver, Canada • Mike Mariash, Revelstoke, Canada • Mike Mountain, Bowen Island BC, Canada • Mike Watson, Bowen Island,BC, Canada • Mike Williams, Bowen Island, Canada • Mike Zavaglia, Bowen Island, Canada • Millie Watson, Bowen Island, Canada • Miltiadis Colivas, Surrey, Canada • Miral Patel, Alexandria, Kentucky, US • Miriam Davidson, Richmond, Canada • Mitchell Ferguson, North Vancouver, Canada • Moira Simpson, Vancouver, Canada • Moira Twist, Birmingham, England, UK • Molly Chan-Heyes, Bowen Island, Canada • Molly Wachtman, West Vancouver, Canada • Mona Wolfert, Sooke, Canada • Monica Lewis, Kitchener, Canada • Monica Petrie, Pender Island, Canada • monica steele, Pitt Meadows, Canada • Monique Crete, Victoria, Canada • Monique Hunter, Vancouver, Canada • Morag Currin, Balgonie, Canada • Morgan Franz, Bowen island, Canada • moshe mastai, Vancouver, Canada • Muriel Kerr, Bowen Island, Canada • Murray Atherton, Bowen Island, Canada • Mustafa D, Vancouver, Canada • Myra James, Hamilton, Canada • Nadene Morton, Victoria, Canada • Nadine Erickson, Salmon Arm, Canada • Nadine Fuller, Les Houches, France • Nancy Greer, Winnipeg, Canada • Nancy Johnson, Chilliwack, Canada • Nancy Kyle Patrick, Bowen Island, Canada • Nancy Rice, North Vancouver, Canada • Nancy Roussy, Price, Canada • Nancy Yeats, Dartmouth, Canada • Naomi Brown, Gibsons, Canada • Naomi Singer, Vancouver, Canada • Narah Timmermans, Edmonton, Canada • Natalie Wong, Vancouver, Canada • Natasha Au, Richmond, Canada • Natasha Burke, New Jersey, New Jersey, US • Natasha Currah, Bowen Island, Canada • nathaniel jankovics, Salmon Arm, Canada • Naura Wolfe, Vancouver, Canada • Neil Boyd, Bowen Island, Canada • Neil Hammond, Bowen Island, Canada • Neil Macauley, Bowen Island, Canada • Nicholas Belluk, Bowen Island, Canada • Nicholas Mitchell, Bowen island, Canada • Nicholas Urquhart, Vancouver, Canada • Nicholas Waters, West Vancouver, Canada • Nicole Gibson, Bowen Island, Canada • Nicole Hillis, Surrey, Canada • Nicole Lee, Kingston, New York, US • Nicole Leite, London, Canada • Nicole Parr Pearson, Sechelt, Canada • Nicole Rose, Bowen Island, Canada • Nicole Turner,Canada; Nikita Rynkevich, Bowen Island, Canada • Nina Haave, Courtenay, Canada • Nina Koeplin, Edmonton, Canada • No Enbridge, Gabriola, Canada • Noa Neuer, Bowen Island, Canada • Noan Fesnoux, Vancouver, Canada • Norbert Jakubke, Vancouver, BC, Canada • Norm Cunningham, Richmond, Canada • Normal Law, West Vancouver, Canada • Norma McCarthy, Bowen Island, Canada • Nova Dexter, West Vancouver, Canada • Olga Toliusis, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Olivia Ducayen, Bowen Island, Canada • Olivia Pink, Burnaby, Canada • Olivia Vallee, Bowen Island, Canada • Opal Eriksson, Toronto, Canada • Owen Scharf, Coquitlam, Canada • P King-Wilson, Coquitlam, Canada • P. Sidor, Gabriola, Canada • Pam Atnikov, Vancouver, Canada • Pam Bailey, North Vancouver, Canada • Pam Evely, Fort Erie, Canada • Pam Miller, Bowen Island, Canada • Pamela Dicer, Bowen Island, Canada • pamela houlihan, Barrie, Canada • Paris Simons, Vancouver, Canada • Pat McClain, Vancouver, Canada • Pat Newson, Comox, Canada • Patrice Marsille, Traiguén, Chile • Patricia Boston, Bowen Island, Canada • Patricia Fentie, Bowen Island, Canada • Patricia Garley, Oakville, Canada • Patricia Merivale, Vancouver, Canada • Patricia Parsons, Red Deer, Canada • Patricia Pinch, Brackendale, Canada • Patricia Pucher, Vancouver, Canada • Patricia stern, Johannesburg, South Africa • Patrick Moumdjian, Calgary, Canada • Patrick Paiotta,Italy; Patti Heatherington, Surrey, Canada • patti hirschberg, Denver, Colorado, US • Patti Stobbe, Calgary, Canada • Paul Bjarnason, Vancouver, Canada • Paul Delmaschio, Gabriola, Canada • Paul Fast, Bowen Island, Canada • Paul Grant, Bowen Island, Canada • Paul Hundal, West Vancouver, Canada • Paul Morgan, Vancouver, Canada • Paul O’Neil, Delta, Canada • Paul Roscorla, Hamilton, Canada • Paul Slater, Ottawa, Canada • Paul Sprang,Netherlands; Paul Thomson, Tacoma, Washington, US • Paul Whitecotton, Bowen Island, Canada • Pauline Duncan, Toronto, Canada • penny buckner, Vancouver, Canada • Penny Gerrard, London, Canada • Peter Borkowicz, Vancouver, Canada • Peter Cope,Australia; Peter Eller, Vancouver, Canada • Peter Goumeniouk, London, Canada • Peter Scholefield, Vancouver, Canada • Peter seed, Keaau, Hawaii, US • Peter Tatchell, Victoria, Canada • Peter Winckler, North Vancouver, Canada • Phil Carlington, Bowen Island, Canada • phil valade, pointe claire, Canada • Phil Wilson, Calgary, Canada • Phil Winch, Norfolk, Virginia, US • Philip Werner, Abbotsford, Canada • Phoebe Gould, Bowen Island, Canada • Pierre Dorion, Kelowna, Canada • Pieter Verwey, Bowen Island, Canada • Price Montague, Bowen Island, Canada • Quinn Temmel, Vancouver, Canada • Quinn Volker, Courtenay, Canada • Quirine Schuyff, Vancouver, Canada • R Forseth, West Vancouver, Canada • Rabia Wilcox, Ottawa, Canada • Rachel Bergen, Lake Country, Canada • Rachel Canning, Bowen Island, Canada • Rachel Owen, Red Deer, Canada • Rae Warburton, Bowen Island, Canada • Rafael Santa Ana, North Vancouver, Canada • Rafal Izdebski, Bowen Island, Canada • Ralph Buckley, Vancouver, Canada • Randy Prescott, Ferndale, Washington, US • ray chin, Vancouver, Canada • Raymond Gisborne, Duncan, Canada • Raymond Reamsbottom, Creston, Canada • Rea Verdon, Coventry, England, UK • Rebecca Ander, Bowen Island, Canada • Rebecca Dawson, Napanee, Canada • rebecca laursen, Bowen Island, Canada • rebecca lyne, port moody, Canada • Rebecca Pelletier, West Vancouver, Canada • Rebecca struss, White Rock, Canada • Rebecca Tunnacliffe, Bowen Island, Canada • Rebecca van Sciver, Victoria, Canada • Rebecca Vandergiessen, Bowen Island, Canada • Regan McEachnie, Vancouver, Canada • Regine Bohar, Toronto, Canada • Regine Loeuil, Hamoir, Belgium • Reid Watkins, North Vancouver, Canada • Reidun van Kervel, Bowen Island, Canada • Renata Brillinger, Sebastopol, California, US • Renee Lemieux, Sainte-Adèle, Canada • Reuben Freed, Los Angeles, California, US • Rev. Juanita Lowe, Surrey, Canada • Rhegan Williamson, Whistler, Canada • Rhiannon van Lidth de Jeude Roemer, West Vancouver, Canada • Rhys Davis, Kelowna, Canada • richard broadbent, Scarborough, England, UK • Richard Bugslag, Saanichton, Canada • Richard Campbell, Vancouver, Canada • Richard Marcuse, West Vancouver, Canada • Richard Smiley, Anglemont, Canada • Rick Anheliger, Bowen Island, Canada • Rick Carter, Bowen Island, Canada • Rick Hatch, Penticton, Canada • Rick Stringfellow, Bowen island, Canada • Rick Tonita, Surrey, Canada • Rita Wouters, Maple Ridge, Canada • Rob Brouwer, Delta, Canada • Rob Knight, Bowen Island, Canada • Rob McRae, Burnaby, Canada • Robban Toleno, New York, New York, US • Robbie Savoie, Bowen island, Canada • Robbie Watson, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Aikens, Ottawa, Canada • Robert Annandale, Ancaster, Canada • Robert Bailey, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Bright, Toronto, Canada • Robert D. Schultz, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Feld, Windsor, California, US • Robert Fitch, Vancouver, Canada • Robert Forbes, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Helson, Bristol, England, UK • Robert Lewis, Surrey, Canada • Robert Link, Richmond, Canada • robert mcfarland, Peterborough, Canada • Robert Moles, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Neys, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Rains, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Shea, Montreal, Canada • Robert Wall, Burnaby, Canada • Robert Wallace, Bowen Island, Canada • Robert Wilson, Langley, Canada • Roberta Hardie, Bowen Island, Canada • Roberta Parker, Vancouver, Canada • robin comolli, Kingston, Canada • Robin Hilliard, North Vancouver, Canada • robin jarrell, Washington, North Carolina, US • Robin Matheson, Bowen Island, Canada • Robin Zoller,Germany; Robyn Fenton, Bowen Island, Canada • Robyn Gordon, Port Hardy, Canada • Roderick Matte, Vancouver, Canada • Roderick Phillips, West Vancouver, Canada • Rodney Clark, Vancouver, Canada • Roger Willoughby-Price, Bowen Island, Canada • Rohanna Roddick, Vancouver, Canada • Ron Neilson, Gibsons, Canada • Ron Woodall, Bowen Island, Canada • ronald ada, salt spring island, Canada • Ronald Kane,Spain; Ronald Smit,Netherlands; Ronan Reinart, Richmond, Canada • Rory Richards, Vancouver, Canada • Rosalind Leggatt, Bowen Island, Canada • Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu, Newmarket, Canada • Rosemary Leach, Vancouver, Canada • Rosemary Renix, North Vancouver, Canada • Rosie Montgomery, Bowen Island, Canada • Rosie Smith, Vancouver, Canada • Ross Palmer, Seattle, Washington, US • Roy Cronin, Ganges, Canada • Roy Parkinson, Coldstream BC, Canada • roy trickey, Kenabeek, Canada • rudi thomas, Richmond, Canada • Rupert Ritchie, Bowen Island, Canada • Russell Copley, Vancouver, Canada • Ruta Yawney, Bowen Island, Canada • Ryan Hauschild, Bowen Island, Canada • Ryan Whitton, Nanaimo, Canada • Ryley McLeod, Bowen Island, Canada • S H, Gibsons, Canada • S Seiler, Sylvania, Ohio, US • Sagen de Jonge, Bowen Island, Canada • Sair Killy, Salmon Arm, Canada • Sally Freeman, Bowen Island, Canada • Sally Hearn, West Vancouver, Canada • Sally Hollister, Concord, Massachusetts, US • Sally Jensen, Campton, New Hampshire, US • Sally Levey, Bowen Island, Canada • Sally Martin, Lancing, England, UK • Sam Beck, Vancouver, Canada • Sam M,Australia; Sam Nosek, Bowen Island, Canada • Sam Rhodes, West Vancouver, Canada • Sam Westgard, Nanoose Bay, Canada • Samantha Brown, Maple Ridge, Canada • Samantha Bruegger, Vancouver, Canada • Samantha Spear, Bowen Island, Canada • Samuel Heller, Richmond, Canada • sana shanti, Nelson, Canada • Sandi Butler, Kaslo, Canada • sandie paterson, North Vancouver, Canada • Sandra Dawson, Bowen Island, Canada • Sandra Mackenzie, London, Canada • sandra moulton, Surrey, Canada • Sandra Russell, Hagersville, Canada • Sandy Arthur, Bowen Island, Canada • Sandy Cheevers, Brechin, Canada • Sandy Loney, Minnesota, US • Sangeeta Singla, Surrey, Canada • Santana Rutherford, Bowen Island, Canada • Sar Robson, Hope, Canada • Sara Baker, West Vancouver, Canada • Sara Clarke, Vancouver, Canada • Sara Dent, Vancouver, Canada • Sara Elizabeth Gerrie, Vancouver, Canada • Sara Peel, Bowen Island, Canada • Sarah Bannister, North Vancouver, Canada • Sarah Carley, Kings Cross, England, UK • Sarah Cormier, Bowen island, Canada • sarah graham, Bowen Island, Canada • Sarah Kravianski, Lions Bay, Canada • Sarah Pansino, Queen Charlotte, Canada • sarah payne, Vancouver, Canada • Sarah Rutherford, Anmore, Canada • Sarah Strange, Vancouver, Canada • Sarah Wilson, Bowen Island, Canada • Sariah Korneluk, Victoria, Canada • Saskia Tait, Bowen Island, Canada • Saskia Volkmann, Bowen, Canada • Sathya Moodley, Los Angeles, California, US • Satjeet Pandher, Bowen Island, Canada • Savannah Wilson, Lions Bay, Canada • Scot Matheson, Vancouver, Canada • scott michaels, Bowen Island, Canada • Scott Turner, Bowen Island, Canada • Scott Waters, Ottawa, Canada • Sean Larsen, North Vancouver, Canada • Sean MacDonald, Surrey, Canada • Sean Mulholland, Bowen Island, Canada • Sean Patterson, North Vancouver, Canada • Selena Cox, Bowen Island, Canada • Seonaid Hayes, Bowen Island, Canada • Shahar Rabi, Bowen Island, Canada • shahla bozorgzadeh, Vancouver, Canada • Shaina C, Vancouver, Canada • Shakar Lay, Bowen Island, Canada • Shalini Singla, Surrey, Canada • Shana Richmond, West Vancouver, Canada • Shane Stebanuk, Vernon, Canada • Shannon Coutts, Surrey, Canada • Shannon Perkins Carr, London, England, UK • Shannon Strang, North Vancouver, Canada • Shannon Wetselaar, Mill Bay, Canada • Shari Cholar, Vancouver, BC, Canada • Shari Ulrich, Bowen Island, Canada • Sharia Shariff, Surrey, Canada • Sharon Bool, Vancouver, Canada • Sharon Gray, Deerfield Beach, Florida, US • Sharon Harman, Winnipeg, Canada • Sharon lamont, Surrey, Canada • Sharon Proske, Salt Spring island, Canada • Sharon Steele, Vancouver, Canada • Shas Cho, Boston Bar, Canada • Shawn Anderson, Vancouver, Canada • Shawn Lee, North Vancouver, Canada • Shawn Phegley, Detroit, Arizona, US • Shayla Wright, Kelowna, Canada • Shayna Sander, Bowen Island, Canada • Sheena Frisch, Sunnyvale, California, US • Sheila Hanna, Victoria, Canada • Sheila Keir, Bowen Island, Canada • Shelagh young, Ellerslie, Canada • Shelley Crowley, Ottawa, Canada • Shelley Mahoney, Salt Spring Island, Canada • Sherie Riley,Australia; Sheryl Dawson, Port Moody, Canada • shimone slomowitz, Vancouver, Canada • Shirley Oldfielld, Lemberg, Canada • Shirley Rainsley, Coventry, UK • Shirley Samples, Surrey, Canada • Siena Vallee, Bowen Island, Canada • Sila Yaymaci,Canada; Silas Kemble, North Vancouver, Canada • Silvaine Zimmermann, Bowen Island, Canada • Sindre Kaspersen, Leinesfjord, Norway • sona aishe halabrinova, Bratislava, Slovakia • Sophia Reder, West vancouver, Canada • Sophia Saugstad, Vancouver, Canada • Sophie Parke, Bowen Island, Canada • Stacey Hansen, Kelowna, Canada • Stacey Tchepetov, Surrey, Canada • Star Morris, Squamish, Canada • Stella Santiago, Vancouver, Canada • Steph tatchell, Gibsons, Canada • Stephanie Carruthers, Bowen Island, Canada • Stephen Allen, Toronto, Canada • Stephen Barker, North Vancouver, Canada • Steve Borneman, Medicine Hat, Canada • Steve Cole, Chicago, Illinois, US • steve Macdonald, North Vancouver, Canada • Steve Mitchell, Bowen Island, Canada • Stuart Wilson, Perth, Australia • Sue Nickason, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Sue Noble, White Rock, Canada • Sue Tripathi, Broomfield, Colorado, US • Surinda Bacon, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Alexander, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Anderson, North Vancouver, Canada • susan butler-gray, Maple Ridge, Canada • Susan Draper, Victoria, Canada • Susan Eder, Richmond, Canada • Susan Eskins, Toronto, Canada • Susan Hale, Malvern, England, UK • Susan Hillman, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • susan hogan, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Kam, Duncan, Canada • susan knight, Revelstoke, Canada • Susan Maclaren, Vancouver, Canada • susan Malcolm, Vancouver, Canada • Susan Millar, New Westminster, Canada • susan nelson, coldstream, Canada • susan penner, Vancouver, Canada • Susan Perry, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Pratt, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Quipp, Victoria, Canada • Susan Redmond, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Robertson, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan Senkler, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • Susan Spring, Bowen Island, BC, Canada • Susan Swift, Bowen Island, Canada • Susan ward, Salmon Arm, Canada • susanna bearfoot, Birmingham, UK • Susanna Braund, Bowen Island, Canada • Susannah Gelbart, Las Vegas, Nevada, US • Susanne Schloegl, Bowen Island, Canada • Susie Pitman, Weybridge, England, UK • Suzanne Allan, Bowen Island, Canada • suzanne laird, Port Coquitlam, Canada • sveva guidotti, roma, Italy • Sylvia Lindgren, Salmon Arm, Canada • sylviane vialaneix,France; sylvie sturgess, Vancouver, Canada • Tamara Kaminiarz, Bowen Island, Canada • Tamara Pearl, West Vancouver, Canada • Tammy Riordon, Fort Frances, Canada • Tamsin Miley, Bowen Island, Canada • Tandra Burke, Comox, Canada • Tania Wood, Bowen Island, Canada • Tanis Layzell, Vancouver, Canada • Tannis Killy, Bowen Island, Canada • Tanveer Mahal, Surrey, Canada • Tanya Gabrielse, Bowen Island, Canada • Tanya MacNeill, Delta, Canada • Tanya Tronson, Richmond, Canada • Tara Cole, Bowen Island, Canada • Tara Forshaw, Bowen Island, Canada • Taylor Maloney, Saint Thomas, Canada • Ted Duffield, Bowen Island, Canada • Terence Johnson, Qualicum Beach, Canada • Terence McKeown, Bowen Island, Canada • Teresa Hefti, Vancouver, Canada • teresa lollie,Canada; Teresa Lynne, Port Coquitlam, Canada • Teresa Plowright, Bowen Island, Canada • Teresa Wright, New Westminster, Canada • Terrance Hooge, Bowen Island, Canada • Terri Robins, Fernie, Canada • Terri Shea, Bowen Island, Canada • Terri-Lynne Schack, Langley Township, Canada • Terry Defoe, Regina, Canada • Terry Oswell, Bowen Island, Canada • Terry Pike, Bowen Island, Canada • Teslyn Kopoulos, Vancouver, Canada • Tess Lecky, West vancouver, Canada • Tessa Hayward, King’s Sutton, England, UK • Teun Schut, Bowen Island, Canada • Teya France, Vancouver, Canada • Thane Satre, New Westminster, Canada • theresa muir, Kitchener, Canada • Theresa Taylor, Bowen Island, Canada • Theresa Walker, Terrace, Canada • Theresa Wishart, Bowen Island, Canada • Thierry Konietzko, Montréal, Canada • Thomas Even,France; Thomas Newman, Bowen Island, Canada • Thomas Rahn,Germany; thomas roberts, North Vancouver, Canada • Thomas Shatwell, Bowen Island, Canada • Tia McHale, Bowen Island, Canada • Tiesa Leudy, Vancouver, Canada • Tiffanee Scorer, Bowen Island, Canada • Tim Fijal,Indonesia; Tim Hausch, Bowen Island, Canada • Tim Pardee, Bowen Island, Canada • Tim Shelley, Richmond, Canada • Timi-Lee Skingley, Ucluelet, Canada • Timm Dapp, North Vancouver, Canada • Timo van der Schuit, Vancouver, Canada • Tina Nielsen, Bowen Island, Canada • Tina Overbury, Bowen Island, Canada • Titania Michniewicz, Bowen Island, Canada • Todd Braraten, Vancouver, Canada • Todd Hildebrandt, Elmira, Oregon, US • Tom Burke, Ashland, New Hampshire, US • Tom Freeborn, Bowen Island, Canada • Tom Matzen, Bowen Island, Canada • tom wright, Abbotsford, Canada • Tony Beck, Delta, Canada • Torsten Muller, Vancouver, Canada • Tracy Bonner, Manchester, England, UK • Tracy Jacques, Vernon, Canada • Tracy Jenkins, Toronto, Canada • Tracy Leach, Vancouver, Canada • Trevor Hodge, Bowen Island, Canada • Trevor Tunnacliffe, Bowen Island, Canada • Tricia McIvor, Surrey, Canada • Trish Keating, Bowen Island, Canada • Tristan Deggan, Bowen Island, Canada • troy stuart, bowen island, Canada • Tyler Clements, Pitt Meadows, Canada • Ulrich Bock, Black Creek, Canada • Ute Biermann, Mont-Laurier, Québec, Canada • Ute Ewert, Gabriola, Canada • Ute Russell, Vancouver, Canada • V Jones, London, England, UK • valérie Delohen,France; Valerie maks, Delta, Canada • Valerie Munro, Naples, Florida, US • Vaune Kolber, Vancouver, Canada • Vensan Kamberk, Salt Spring is., Canada • Veronika Davy, Toronto, Canada • Vicky Frederiksen, Nanaimo, Canada • Victor Cyr, Peterborough, Canada • Victoria Castillo, Whitehorse, Canada • Victoria Jacobs, North Vancouver, Canada • Victoria Taylor, Nelson, New Zealand • Vincent Wong,Australia; Virginia Keyton, West Vancouver, Canada • Virginia Monahan, Quathiaski Cove, Canada • Virginia Penny, Bowen Island, Canada • Vishaal Kapoor, Bowen Island, Canada • Vivienne Byrne, Sligo, Ireland • wanda reno, Halifax, Canada • Wayne Callaghan, Bowen Island, Canada • Wayne De Connick, Bowen Island, Canada • Wendy Alexander, Bowen Island, Canada • Wendy Baird, Kirkcowan, Scotland, UK • Wendy Calhoun, Calgary, Canada • Wendy Hartnett, Salt Spring Island, Canada • Wendy Jones, Vancouver, Canada • wendy Leslie, Sidney, Canada • Wendy Schroeder, Denver, Colorado, US • Wendy Seale-Bakes, Bowen Island, Canada • Wendy Shannon, Bowen Island, Canada • Wesley Brooks, Vancouver, Canada • Will Edwards, Vancouver, Canada • Will Evans, Bathurst, Canada • Will Husby, Bowen Island, Canada • Will McArthur, Brantford, Canada • William Best, Delta, Canada • William Fisher, Chorleywood, England, UK • William Grosset, Victoria, Canada • William Marchant, West Vancouver, Canada • William McConnan, Bowen Island, Canada • William Wigle, Comox, Canada • Wilma Pretorius, Bowen Island, Canada • Wolf Draegestein, Bowen Island, Canada • Xavier Snow, Surrey, Canada • Xiaoyi Ze, Vancouver, Canada • yasaman sairafi, North Vancouver, Canada • yeshe wangpo, Springhill, Canada • Yu Jing Margret Li, Vancouver, Canada • Yvonne Johnson, Lingdale, England, UK • Yvonne Leduc, Nanaimo, Canada • Zainab Pike, Peterborough, Canada • Zipporah Weisberg, Toronto, Canada • Zoe Blue, West Vancouver, Canada • Zoë Esseiva, Bowen Island, Canada • Zoe Rappard, Bowen Island, Canada • Zoi Aroniadi,Germany; Алиса Семина, North Vancouver, Canada • Елена Бурцева, Yozgat, Turkey • ⽂ ⼭川, BC, Canada