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Bowen Islanders speak up to defend their island forests.

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“…it should have been clearly understood that the Bowen Island community would not support any industrial logging of Crown lands.”
– Murray Skeels, Mayor

“PLEASE do not interrupt our pristine watersheds, our economic growth (finally) – and our reputation that we have worked so hard to develop – by logging off our amazing island.”
Tourism Bowen Island 

 “…so the idea of logging any portion of Bowen Island is really unthinkable. In the future, perhaps Stanley Park will also become a candidate.”

 “I urge the Province in the strongest terms to remove Bowen Island in perpetuity from the list of areas of BC to be harvested.”
Anita Bleick

 “Removal of trees at a large scale will have a serious negative impact on the island’s water and soil retention capacity, and Bowen already has a shortage of both soil and fresh water supplies.”
Andrew Brownsword

“If our uplands are logged, I am concerned for the water supply of neighbours relying on wells and catchments impacted by the FDUs.  The possibility of landslides is also a grave concern.”
Michelle de Cordova

“I believe that in the end we’ll prevail, but that we can’t for a moment underestimate the threat facing our forests.”
John Dowler

“With increasing population growth in the lower mainland, there are fewer and fewer green and natural spaces kept intact. Bowen Island is recognized and valued as a special place…”
Allene Drake

 “Logging on Bowen is *not* a justifiable use of Crown Lands, and should be strenuously opposed.”
David Hill

“As a father of a one year old and a one month old, I want my children to be able to enjoy the beauty of a mature beautiful forest.”
Clayton Hunter-James

“Logging healthy trees from our island would have a direct impact on tourism and those families that depend on it as their livelihoods (including myself, as an island artist).”
Diana Izdebski

“Clear cuts create visual scars on landscape, and many of the logged areas will be visible from many parts of the island, and nearby waters.”
Mary Lynn Machado

“Our task is to stop this proposal with absolutely no negotiated compromises.”
Dan MacLean

“The proposed logging would effect 28% of of the fragile island ecosystem and watersheds; irreplaceable environments for which I travel to Bowen Island specifically to enjoy.”
Andrew Marjerrison

“Under no circumstances do I support logging on Bowen. I believe the community will be strongly against any logging on Bowen and that we can make that heard with the Ministry of Forests.”
Nerys Poole

“The proposed logging benefits no residents of Bowen; it only benefits the provincial coffers.”
Marina Pratchett

“I am ready to help in any possible way to prevent this from happening!”
Dr. Shahar Rabi

“Our island brand, so much built around being a getaway and quiet place, is at risk.”
Emily McCullum

“Our wildlife will be displaced, and the wildlife corridors put in jeopardy.”
Jennifer Lundin Ritchie

“Few years ago Parks Canada proposed to convert the island into one of its parks. Parks Canada viewed Bowen as a unique ecosystem worth fighting for.”
Gregory Ronczewski

“All areas will be effected – our lives, our safety, the ecosystem, wildlife and even tourism.”
Christiane Prim Silva

“It appears the BCTS is doing all that it can to ensure the outcomes of this ‘consultation’ meet its narrowly defined bureaucratic goals and objectives. The larger social, environmental, and economic consequences be damned.”
Edward Wachtman

“As part of Metro Parks visitors come to enjoy our pristine parklands, forests, lakes, hiking, beaches, ocean vistas and watersports. Logging healthy trees from the island would have a direct impact on tourism and those families that depend on it as their livelihoods.”
Kathryn Wasylik

“I am particularly concerned of the potentially adverse hydrologic impacts that some or all of this logging, and its associated access road, landing/sort pad building/maintenance, may cause.”
 Don McQueen

“The forests & forest soil are necessary to capture water when it rains, so it can flow into streams and infiltrate downward into the ground water system, where it is stored underground for use throughout the year.”
 – Margaret Swain, Ph.D., LLB.

“The wildness of Bowen has been uniquely preserved over the years thanks to the efforts of Bowen Islanders and people beyond our island borders. It is a sacred, special place for our family and our wider community.”
 – Sarah Cormier

“The cumulative effects of any logging operations, therefore, will be too much for Bowen Island, and will also have a negative impact on all British Columbians.”
Bowen Island Conservancy

“Bowen Island is a Coastal Western Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Variant zone within the Coastal Douglas- fir and Associated Ecosystems ConversationPartnership Boundary; as identified by the Island’s Trust Fund. As such this is an area which should not just beprotected but steps taken to ensure it’s survival and growth- certainly not logged.”
Mark Edmonds

“This logging plan would be bad for Bowen, bad for the lower mainland and bad for the province.”

– Sheree Johnson

“Industrial logging does not fit Bowen Island. It will compromise our economy, values, quality of life, and environmental values of this community.”
Jenny Freeman

“Industrial logging does not fit Bowen Island; it just does not make sense to compromise the economy, values, quality of life, and environmental attributes of our community for modest revenues to Provincial coffers.”
Chris Kientz

“With climate change happening and ongoing ecological destruction we should focus on preserving our forests instead of cutting them down.”
Magdalena Kozicka

“We are clear…logging this island and our small ecosystems are not an option.”
Rebecca Laursen and Andreas Behm

“Our community and leadership do not support this plan.”
Rebecca Lyne

“Our ‘clean water factory’ is the forests, streams and wetlands located on Crown Lands.”
Anne Franc de Ferrier Chollat

“Any logging, and even the best logging, heavily damages the ecological functions of the cut forests. Impacts are amplified because we are a small island with a myriad of land uses and environmental values that are not easily compatible with industrial logging.”
David McCullum

“This is a small island with a large number of inhabitants and a fast-growing tourist economy. The proposal doesn’t make sense environmentally or economically.”
Steve Rio

“I consider this a massive violation on my home and community. This decision affects our water supply, local tourism, our lifestyle and the value of our homes.”
– Colin Ritchie

“Any logging, and even the best logging, heavily damages the ecological functions of the cut forests. We need to communicate that we are passionate about this, that we will make our case heard, and we will do what is necessary to oppose the logging.”
Bob Turner

“Please continue to do all you can to halt the removal of trees. It will have an anticipated effect of upsetting the quiet of our island, increasing traffic on our roads and ferry, and of course changing the landscape forever.”
Rebecca Tunnacliffe

“The proposed logging developments encompass much of our watershed and encroach on our ecological reserves. Large scale timber harvesting would pose a real threat to our existing aquifers both in water quality and quantity.”
Aubin van Berckel

“BCTS’ plan involves removing the trees from over 1/4 of the island ‐ most of our remaining green space. This is absolutely unacceptable, both from a cultural and ecological standpoint.”
Emily van Lidth de Jeude

“You have provided a map which appears to be sorely out of date, neglecting a complete picture of watersheds and recreational areas.”
Julie Vik

“Any amount of logging on Bowen Island will greatly diminish its appeal as a sanctuary for Rest & Recreation, taking this substantial benefit away from the people of BC and especially the Lower Mainland.”
Denise Lawson

“When I go to the ferry terminal these summer days it is a pleasure to see many visiting hikers arriving each morning – planning to enjoy our trails through the forests and on to our mountains.”
Bas Brusche

“We are in a global crisis over climate chaos [well beyond merely climate “change”] and the suggestion to remove large swaths of trees with grossly inadequate regeneration is beyond unintelligent.” 
Judith Gedye

“Logging on Bowen is a waste. It is a waste of a beautiful, magical – sacred – place.”
David Adams

“The present climate change requires that BCTimber Sales under the authority of the BC Ministry of Forests removes once and for all Bowen island from its potential reserves of commercial timber.”
– Andre H. and Anne Franc de Ferrier Chollat 

“I grew up walking through these forests and I will not watch anyone destroy them because they are part of me.”
Bronwyn Churcher

“Our children walk through these forests daily and one of the things that make Boweners unique is our connection to the land and nature that surrounds us.”
Katie Cooke

“Any interference with the forest shade cover and fragile groundwater recharge patterns will disrupt all of these “downstream” systems and users.”
Peter Courtney 

“The residents of Bowen are fiercely loyal to the nature and wildlife on our island and the delicate eco system that is held in its balance.”
Nichole Gibson 

“Please be under no delusion that temporary logging will any way help Bowen’s economy. Quite the opposite, it would be disastrous.”
Neil Hammond 

“This tiny place renown for it’s peaceful life and exceptional beauty is not the kind of place that needs nor will accept the invasive, noisy and destructive work that this timber license will produce.”
Charmaine, Park, Franny and Ema Heffelfinger

“Commitment to our home runs very, very deep, and the Ministry would be well advised to look to areas of lesser struggle.”
Eliza McCullum

“My father worked in the logging industry many years ago, but the province’s plans to log Bowen Island is shortsighted and misguided at best.”
Josh Mepham

“We welcome visitors from the mainland and the world to Bowen Island to walk softly on our tree lined trails, to marvel at our salmon spawn under the canopy of our forests and to restore minds and spirits in the sanctuary of our forested parks and nature reserves. Logging has no place here.”
Betty Morton

“Just because you may have the opportunity and rights to explore this doesn’t make it right. We have a different vision for our community and I ask you to respect that.”
Sam Nosek

“Bowen is a highly populated island, with a history of protecting and preserving the island’s natural spaces.”
Lidia Patriasz and Ralph Fleming

“Bowen is an island of people, many if not most of whom, came here for sanctuary from noise and development, who voted mostly Green in the last election, and many of whom are environmental activists ready to do whatever it takes to prevent environmentally damaging activities from taking place here.”
Dave Pollard

“Many of us have traversed the back woods and forests, leaned against the trees, picked wild berries, watched squirrels and other wildlife forage food, listened to the birds converse. We live here for the intact ecosystems that support our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.”
Leah May Walker

“Bowen Island is a special place. This island, so close to Vancouver, is home to many unique species of flora and fauna. Harvesting the timber is certain to disrupt the delicate eco‐system that defines the island.”
Bruce Wallace

“I would like to encourage you to refocus your efforts from negotiating a timber harvesting strategy, to that of working with ministry and BCTS staff to enact or develop appropriate legislation to eliminate commercial logging as the option.”
Donald Youngson