Logging debate returning to Bowen

Logging debate will return to Bowen: FLNRO Minister Donaldson

On March 15th of this year, Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy raised the question of logging on Bowen with the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (FLNRO) Doug Donaldson in the Legislature. Mr. Sturdy explained the strategies outlined in the briefing document that Defend Island Forests provided to him and other stakeholders last fall. We appreciate his initiative in bringing this up.

Minister Donaldson replied by saying that he is aware of the sensitivity about logging on Bowen, and that FLNRO intends to come to Bowen to "dig deep into the issues" that concern residents - and to include BC Timber Sales in the discussion.

We don’t know when this will happen, but it means the issue will be returning. FLNRO may be open to positive options - the Minister the has authority to help us out - and our MLA Mr. Sturdy is supportive.

BCTS has a narrower mandate to sell logging licenses, not to give up loggable land. Therefore it has a history of strategic retreats followed later by more concerted pressure to participate in logging, using wildfire prevention planning and ‘community forest’ logging to tempt small communities into accepting industrial logging.

Smiling islanders will be ready!

Get the whole story in the
article by Louise Loik posted here: bit.ly/2uZbNaP
Read the Legislature transcript here on our website: bit.ly/2qbfkxM

What if they could expand Crippen Park?

Last week, Council endorsed the idea of a continuing dialogue with Metro Parks about the possible expansion of Crippen Park. Council had already been pursuing this initiative. David Hocking was able to move the pot to the front burner, and soon he and couple other DIFsters will be presenting their research about logging on Bowen to Metro Parks. With DIF now sitting on a trove of strategic information, maps, diagrams and enthusiasm, we're happy to participate in the discussion.

Help Council decide to endorse Defend Island Forests

In their meeting on Monday April 9th, Council will consider a motion to endorse DIF and its work. This standing would help us explore the options with Metro Parks.

This is a good time for people who oppose logging on Bowen but feel they haven't been able to participate for awhile to write or visit Council. Discussion is set for 8:45pm, but sometimes things go faster.

If you can't attend, why not get immediate gratification by sending Council a quick email before their meeting asking them to endorse DIF? 

Thanks for that!

John Dowler and the rest of the Steering Ctte.

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