What the Minister can do

What the Minister can do 2017-12-12T07:29:30+00:00

Cover has the title Requested Action of FLNRO Minister to Prevent Logging on Bowen Island and photos of the forest from above and kids hugging a treeIn 2017, islanders managed to keep Bowen out of the Forest Stewardship Plan, which otherwise would have led to logging. It was a satisfying but temporary reprieve.

So the strategy right now is simple: change our status from ‘loggable’ to ’not’.

We have prepared a detailed report on how and why the island should be excluded from logging. It outlines the legal ways the Minister of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations can take us out of the Annual Allowable Cut, or the Timber Harvest Landbase, or use other designations that accomplish the same thing – not perfect, but a much more secure position. Later in life we could all discuss permanent protection of some kind.

Council supports the idea that Bowen shouldn’t be logged. This document is a tool Mayor and Council can use when lobbying government. It can be used by government ministers and others to decide and act in a timely manner, without much controversy.

Thanks to David Hocking, Will Husby, John Rich and Bob Turner for their intense work on this very useful new tool.

You can read the Minister briefing document here online, or download the higher resolution version for printing.

Note, the links to references cited in the PDF work on most computers, but not on some mobile devices.