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The Challenge

A provincial government organization has quietly set plans in motion that would eventually open up nearly 30 percent of Bowen Island’s forests to clear-cut logging. Such an outcome would devastate our forest ecosystems, clog our roads and ferry with up to 250 semi-trucks per year, threaten the slopes that deliver our clean water, and damage—perhaps irreparably—the brand that has grown central to our economy. It is good that we stayed out of FSP #643. But BCTS intends to come a start discussions with Bowen Council in the fall.

The Solution

Stop it before it starts!

Once plans are in motion, British Columbia communities have very little influence over the scale and practices of industrial forestry operations. So the time to act is now, not later. The citizens of Bowen Island need to come together and politely—but loudly and clearly—reject new plans that include our island’s crown lands in BC Timber Sales logging plans. Even with the removal from the FSP, now is the time to organize and seek a solution.

Seek a new land designation

The people at BC Timber Sales simply advocate for the logging process under the current legislation. A good relationship with them is better for everyone, as we slowly put together ideas for a new way forward on Bowen. People on Bowen want to feel able to talk to them and make up their own minds. If we can present a viable alternative, we think everyone can be happy with the process.

What You Can Do

#1 : come celebrate our victory on Sunday, July 30 at 1pm in the Bowfest Field!

Bowen Island residents need to convince our elected leaders, the staff of BC Timber Sales, and the provincial Ministry of Forests that Bowen Island is not an appropriate area for industrial logging.

2. Make Your Voice Heard

Write emails and letters to your elected representatives  including the new Minister of Forests, and staff at BC Timber Sales, and with the provincial government. Here’s how to contact them. And please cc us at info@defendislandforests.ca

3. Stay Connected

Join our mailing list at defendislandforests.ca for important updates. Stay informed on social media and by reading The Undercurrent.
With the list want to be able to mobilize 1,000 overnight, if appropriate.

4. Share So More Will Care

We have free photographs (and 3d projections & maps) that you can share with people in Metro Vancouver and around the world. If people see this beautiful place and develop a relationship with it, maybe they’ll spring to our defense when we need them.

Next steps

Defend Island Forests, the Muncipality of Bowen Island, the Bowen Island Conservancy and others are actively researching avenues for protecting the Crown forests of Bowen. We don’t know what form this will take – each new designation of land comes with new responsibilities. Some initiatives have strong precedents, others are a little more creative. You can join our research group and contribute your own discoveries.

Ellen and Liz unveil the sign they've made to alert people to the perils of logging on Bowen Island