What’s At Stake?

What’s At Stake? 2017-07-25T17:32:54+00:00

Industrial logging will change Bowen Island’s forests and change our lives.

  • Threatens drinking water quantity and quality. All of our drinking water originates with island rainfall. Logged areas and disturbed and the remaining exposed rock and compressed soils have less ability to store water.
  • Harms our economy. In a recent survey, more 70 per cent of Bowen visitors identified hiking and trail use as the main reason for coming to Bowen. Many of or trail networks intersect the planned cut areas. Our business owners depend on visitor income for their livelihoods.
  • Shatters tranquility. Logging operations are LOUD. All the proposed logging areas are on high and sloping ground, so the noise will echo across the small island.
  • Disfigures our beauty. Clearcuts create visual scars on the landscape, and will be visible from many parts of the island, the Nanaimo, Langdale and Bowen ferries, cruise ships and the mainland.
  • Clogs our roads. Logging trucks will add stress to our roads and take space on the ferry, potentially causing more overloads.
  • Exacerbates fire risk. As logged areas lose their ability to store water, they become hotter and drier. Along with the forestry waste, this increases the susceptibility to fire.
  • Threatens our land values. The money generated from logging is minimal, but the activity puts at risk the value of our land and homes, and in turn the home construction businesses, by far the biggest economic contributor on Bowen.
  • Threatens water quality, because road building intercepts natural runoff, focuses flow, increases erosion, and silts up streams.
  • Damages stream habitat for fish and other stream life.
  • Reduces wildlife habitat. On our small island, there are no new places to go.

We have cultivated our island brand, our sense of place, around being a get-away and quiet place – literally Metro Vancouver’s back yard. Shouldn’t it stay that way?

A wide stretch of piles of broken branches, disturbed dirt and rocks - the result of typical BC logging